Fetch Pending Orders

Retrieve a list of orders by providing filter paramaters.

Request Example

GET api/order/{parameters}

GET https://admin.marketplace.cdon.com/api/order/?CountryCode=Denmark&DateTimeRangeMin=2017-02-23&DateTimeRangeMax=2017-03-10 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: api <apiKey>

Response Example - JSON

This request returns an http status code, indicating how the call went, where the desired result is OK (200), including a comprehensive list of order details and invoice information.

  "OrderDetails": {
         "OrderKey": "c6840daf-6163-45ef-adce-7f5e8d8f2afe-42277358",
         "OrderId": 42277358,
         "State": "Invoiced",
         "PaymentStatus": "AwaitingPayment",
         "CreatedDateUtc": "2014-02-07T19:22:48.5942457",
         "LastModifiedDateUtc": "2014-02-07T19:22:48.5942457",
         "MerchantId": "3b1addb2-2b6f-49bc-a185-2b5cfb445d66",
         "CountryCode": "Sweden",
         "CurrencyCode": "SEK",
         "TotalAmount": 1495.0,
         "TotalAmountExcludingVat": 1196.0,
         "TotalSalesAmount": 1495.0,
         "CustomerInfo": {
           "CustomerId": 62880501,
           "EmailAddress": "",
           "ShippingAddress": {
             "Name": "Testperson",
             "StreetAddress": "Stårgatan 1xa",
             "CoAddress": "",
             "ZipCode": "12345",
             "City": "Ankeborg",
             "Country": "SE"
           "BillingAddress": {
             "Name": "Testperson",
             "StreetAddress": "Stårgatan 1xa",
             "CoAddress": "",
             "ZipCode": "12345",
             "City": "Ankeborg",
             "Country": "SE"
           "Phones": {
             "PhoneMobile": "0703013319",
             "PhoneWork": null,
             "PhoneHome": null
         "OrderRows": [
           "OrderRowId": 1,
           "FulfillmentStatus": "Invoiced",
           "PaymentStatus": "AwaitingPayment",
           "ProductId": "ART000494",
           "ProductName": "Star wars",
           "ProductType": "Article",
           "Quantity": 1,
           "DeliveredQuantity": 1,
           "InvoicedQuantity": 1,
           "CancelledQuantity": 0,
           "ReturnedQuantity": 0,
           "PickedQuantity": null,
           "PricePerUnit": 1495.0,
           "OrdinaryPricePerUnit": 1495.0,
           "VatPerUnit": 299.0,
           "VatPercentage": 25.0000,
           "PackageId": "test",
           "DebitedAmount": 1495.0,
           "CreditedAmount": 0.0,
           "PaidAmount": 0.0,
           "RefundedAmount": 0.0,
           "AddonToProductId": null
         "InvoiceNumbers": [
           "TotalVat": 299.0
         "invoices": [

Response Attributes

Variable Type Description
OrderKey string Your unique order identifier. Composition of merchant id and order id.
OrderId integer An id which refers to your order and store in the Marketplace.
FulfillmentStatus/State enum
Indicates the state of the order or order row. Available states are:
Pending = 0 Delivered = 1 Cancelled = 2 Returned = 3 Invoiced = 4
PaymentStatus enum
Indicates the state of the payment. Available states are:
NotApplicable = 0 AwaitingPayment = 1 Paid = 2 AwaitingRefund = 3 Refunded = 4
CreatedDateUtc datetime The date and time the order was placed on CDON.
MerchantId string Your unique merchant identifier.
CountryCode string Country of the order, indicating in what channel the order was placed.
CurrencyCode string Currency code for the order.
TotalAmount decimal The total amount of the order. Including VAT.
TotalAmountExcludingVat decimal The total amount excluding VAT.
TotalSalesAmount decimal The total amout of the order including VAT and other fees.
CustomerId integer A customer’s unique identifier
EmailAddress string Hidden field.
Name string Customers name. May include surname.
StreetAddress string Customer’s street address. Applies to Shipping- and Billing address.
CoAddress string Customer’s in care of address. Applies to Shipping- and Billing address.
ZipCode string Customer´s zip code.
City string Customer´s city.
Country string Customer´s country.
PhoneMobile string Customer’s mobile phone number.
PhoneWork string Customer’s work phone number.
PhoneHome string Customer’s home phone number.
OrderRowId integer Refers to the order row associated to a specific order.
ProductId string Merchants own unique product identifier.
AddonToProductId string Indicates that this product is an add-on to different product in the order.
ProductName string Merchants product title.
ProductType enum
Indicated the type of the product. Available types are:
Article = 0 Service = 1 Postage = 2 Fee = 3 Compensation = 4
Quantity integer | Indicates the total quantity ordered for a specific product.
DeliveredQuantity integer Indicates the delivered quantity. May not exceed quantity.
InvoicedQuantity integer Indicates the invoiced quantity. May not exceed quantity.
CancelledQuantity integer Indicates the cancelled quantity. May not exceed quantity
ReturnedQuantity integer Indicates the returned quantity. May not exceed quantity.
PickedQuantity integer(null) Indicates the picked quantity. May not exceed quantity. Can be null.
PricePerUnit decimal Sales price for the product.
OrdinaryPricePerUnit decimal Ordinary price for the product. If the sales price is lower this will be seen as a discount and will be displayed as such on CDON.
VatPerUnit decimal VAT for the product.
VatPercentage string VAT as percentage for the product.
PackageId string Allows the customer to track the deliver. Also included in the delivery mail sent to the customer.
DebitedAmount decimal The amount the customer needs to pay associated to an invoice.
CreditedAmount decimal The amount that gets refunded to the customer associated to an invoice.
PaidAmount decimal The amount that has already been paid.
RefundedAmount decimal The refunded amount in case of return.
InvoiceNumber string The invoice number associated with the order and delivery.
TotalVat decimal The total order VAT.
TotalPaymentAmount decimal The total amount the customer needs to pay.
TotalCreditNoteAmount decimal The total amount that needs to be refunded to the customer.
InvoiceRowNumber string Refers to the invoice number associated to a specific order.
BookingDateUtc datetime Invoice booking date. The date the debt is booked.