When a customer buys something on CDON the order is saved, and sent to your specific Marketplace account (merchant account). It is your responsibility to handle the orders that have been delivered to your Merchant account. This can be done by either using the Marketplace Admin or by using the API Integration. There are greater benefits by integrating as your own employees will have fewer systems to work with but it requires an integration.

The Marketplace support team can aid you if you have specific questions. We also have integration partners that have built modules for quite a few e-commerce platforms.


The base URL for the imports is as follows:


Append the name of the data type like so:


Error Codes

Marketplace order API returns reponse codes to indicate what failed in your specific call to the order API. Unsuccessful responses (HTTP status code 400) return details about the error as an response object containing the following information:

Key Value Type Value Description
ErrorCode integer An internal status code that represents the error.
Message string A short description of the error.

The response body looks like this:

  "ErrorCode": 1000,
  "Message": "Order does not exist"

The list of internal response codes is as follows:

ErrorCode Description
1000 The order was not found.
1001 The order row was not found.
1002 Order row overflow.
1003 Negative order row price.
1004 The order already exists.
1005 The package carrier does not exist.
1006 The order row is not in a valid state for the command.
1008 The same order row occurs multiple times in the same command.
1009 No rows were specified in the command.
2001 Invoice row overflow.
2002 No rows to invoice.
3001 Value of returned products is not high enough to charge for NPU.
3002 At least one order row must be marked as returned to charge for NPU.
3003 Can not charge for NPU more than once.
3004 Returned order row must have been sent with package id.
3005 There is no NPU charge to retract.