Product Data Type

The product data type is the information that describes the product and specifies feature values. Some of this data will be published to customers while other data is metadata for controlling product behavior once published.

To reduce the quantity of imported data, products whose content has not changed since the last successful import will be discarded automatically.

The URL to post product data to is:

Product Definition

A vital concept with this data is that it represents a complete product definition. Each product must be delivered in its entirety, meaning there cannot be any partial product updates. The product data must thus, in each delivery, contain all data to fully describe it, lest the product will be redefined with a lesser definition.

In practice, this means that, for example, it is not possible to update only e.g. the title of a product. That would obliterate all category- and variation related data.

Data Contract

The relevant schema files are the following:

  • product.xsd
  • types.xsd
  • categories.xsd
  • attributes.xsd
  • variants.xsd

The last four files are supplements to the product.xsd, which define the overall product data structure.


The category defines what attributes that describe the product.

A product must belong to exactly one category.


Some products may exist in different variants. Valid variables are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Flavor
  • Size and Color combined
  • Size and Flavor combined

Within the same product, all variants must be of the same variable(s), meaning a single product cannot have one variant that varies on e.g. flavor, and another variant that varies on e.g. size and color.

Product Size and Weight

The Dimensions property of a product describe the product’s size and weight.

Spatial Dimensions

Abbreviation Unit Comment
um micrometre  
µm micrometre The same as ‘um’, but with the greek letter.
mm millimetre  
cm centimetre  
dm decimetre  
m metre  
km kilometre  
in inch 0.0254 metres
ft foot 0.3048 metres
yd yard 0.9144 metres

Mass Dimensions

Abbreviation Unit Comment
mcg microgram  
µg microgram The same as ‘mcg’, but with the greek letter.
mg milligram  
g gram  
hg hectogram  
kg kilogram  
t metric tonne Equivalent to a 1000 kilograms
gr grain 0.06479891 grams
oz ounce 28.349523125 grams
lb pound 453.59237 grams

Energy Classification

Energy Energy property of a product describe the energy classification. The energy property consists of four parts specified as tags.

The energy classification property is optional, however to determine which products that should include energy classifications, or to read further regarding energy classification, please visit

Energy Properties

Property name Data type Description
class energyClass Energy class enumeration
label URL Energy label
arrow URL Energy arrow
sheet URL Energy sheet ( aka Fische )

Energy Classes Enumeration

Accepted values for energyClass is:

  • APlusPlusPlus
  • APlusPlus
  • APlus
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G


Textual data that will be published to end-users will be sanitized. HTML- and other scripting code as well as foul language will be removed.