Deliveries are made to Marketplace by posting XML-formatted data to the endpoint for the corresponding data type.

The base URL to the product import-API is:


Responses are returned with a HTTP status code and possibly a body in JSON-format.

Each delivery that is acceptable (according to the data contract) receives a receipt. Make sure to store this, as it is the key to tracking the progress of the delivery.


For security reasons, all HTTP requests to the API must include a Authorization header.

The value of the header shall be the API token, prefixed by the word api and a whitespace. Example:

Authorization: api 5875ca6c-229d-4f4c-a45f-4252b4583538

Data Contracts

As mentioned in validation, a pre-validation is performed on the delivery. This validation is based on a data contract specified in a set of XSD files.

The location of the schema files is:


Use these files to generate XML and validate against them to avoid submitting invalid data.