Importing products to CDON Marketplace is an asynchronous process, meaning that it is not instantaneous. When you deliver data to the API, a receipt will be issued as soon as the data has been pre-validated and accepted.

Example of a receipt:


The receipt is a unique 32-character long string associated with a single delivery.

The receipt means that the data has been received, and that the import will start as soon as possible. Since the actual import may take a long time (depending of the size and current workload), the receipt is intended to be used to inquire about the current status of that particular import at a later moment.

It is important to note that the receipt in the delivery response does not mean that the products have been imported - the receipt is only an acknowledgement that the delivery has been received and accepted. This has several benefits:

  • A response is generated as soon as the data is received. There is no need to wait for the entire import to complete.
  • The import is more error resilient. Errors and warnings will be tracked and handled to have as small impact as possible on the rest of the import.
  • Multiple imports can be enqueued in parallel. The four different types of data can be imported simultaneously.
  • Detailed per-product results can be retrieved. Each failed product can be examined and diagnosed in detail, and amended individually without affecting any other part of the import process.

However, take note that the asynchronous import also implies that there will not be any notification when the import has completed. Thus, it is important that you save the receipt for future use.